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This year Galway Races are very excited to launch a new Brand Ambassador Programme to our fans, inviting you to register your interest to be part of our social media team for the Galway Races. The passion and loyalty of our fans is hugely evident, especially in the run up to, and during the Summer Festival. Social Media has allowed fans to become more closely knit and to feel even more part of the team. This Summer, we want to connect you on a deeper level to a sporting event that you simply adore, the iconic Galway Races.


We’re looking for fans (Galway Races Brand Ambassadors) who will positively represent our brand in an authentic, genuine and consistent way. Via your own social media, interact with us, attend Galway Races events, get behind the scenes to the Summer Festival, meet the stars of Irish Racing and most importantly, have a lot of fun as part of our team.  In return, we will send you an exclusive Brand Ambassador Package, giving you an exclusive Galway Races fan experience, one that money can’t buy! If you’re a Galway Races fan, this is for YOU!


  • Galway Races Merchandise
  • Your 7-Day Pass to the Summer Festival 2022 – VIP Style
  • A VIP Invite for you & a guest to the National Press Launch of the Galway Races in Dublin
  • Opportunity to meet up close and personal the Stars of Irish Racing and capture these special moments during the races
  • Behind the scenes tour of the Summer Festival with a Senior Member of the Galway Races Team
  • Walk the track with Clerk of the Course and CEO Michael Moloney on a day of the Summer Festival

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