In a bid to further improve conditions for all accredited photographers at Galway Races we request that you familiarise yourself with the conditions for accreditation outlined below

All Photography Accreditation applications must be submitted by Monday 4th July 2022. Under no circumstances will any photographer receive accreditation on the race day itself. Agencies and picture desks please ensure you have applied for sufficient accreditation by this date as there will be no exceptions to this condition.

Galway Races requires photographers to provide evidence, at time of application, of Public Liability Insurance for an industry standard minimum of €6.5 million. Please scan and email this to

All photographers and/or agency or picture desk representatives must attend a mandatory photographer briefing before racing on the opening day of the festival. It is the responsibility of the agency/picture desk rep to relay the information given at this briefing to their contracted photographers.

There will be two levels of photographer accreditation for the 2020 Galway Races Summer Festival

(1) Track/Enclosures (Green Bib)
(2) Enclosures Only (Red Arm Band)

Track/enclosure level is limited to photographers who regularly work at and are familiar with shooting images at sporting,equestrian and/or horse racing events. This level of accreditation will be issued at the discretion of Galway Racecourse. Please only apply for this level of accreditation if absolutely necessary. Track/enclosure photographers will be issued with a distinctive green photographer bib which must be worn to gain access to the designated photographer area on the racecourse. If you do not have and wear this bib you will not be granted access to the track.

Enclosure Only level photographer accreditation will not have access to the race track itself but will be permitted access to all other areas where photography is permitted.


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    • All Media Accreditation applications must be submitted by Monday, 4th July 2022.
    • All accredited media at the Galway Races Festival are requested to comply with and adhere to the guidelines outlined in this section of and instructions given to them by Galway Racecourse Officials and Security.
    • All members of the accredited press/photographers are requested to display/wear their allocated press badge/photographer bib once inside the racecourse as there will be increased levels of security on the parade ring, winners enclosure and track access points. We appreciate your co-operation and patience as we implement this measure.
    • AIR Press Card holders should access the track through the AIR turnstile but are requested to display their Galway Races press pass once inside the racecourse.
    • It is a condition when issuing accreditation that your press badge has been allocated to you personally and should not be transferred to another person under any circumstances. Each badge is number allocated and identifiable for this reason.
    • Failure to comply with conditions of accreditation will result in removal of all privileges and may affect the success of future applications for you and/or or company/publication.
    • Since the introduction of GDPR we are required to engage Data Processors under an agreement. By attending our event to capture photographs and/or videos, which we may use for promotional or marketing purposes, you are processing personal data.
      Please review and confirm your acceptance of our Data Processing Agreement.

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